Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Hebdon. I wanted to remind everyone that Halloween is right around the corner. I also wanted to remind you that there are plenty of healthy Halloween treat alternatives that you can try this season! I know that the temptation of sweet treats can be spine-tingling! But who says you can’t enjoy the spooky season without compromising your musculoskeletal health!? Here are some evidence-based insights on nutrition and its impact on your spine health, along with some healthy Halloween treat alternatives to consider:


Nutrition plays a significant role in the health of your bones and muscles. A diet rich in essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium supports strong bones and can help prevent musculoskeletal issues.

Alternative #1: Apples

Instead of candy, slice apples into wedges, spread a little almond butter on each slice, and add raisins or mini dark chocolate chips for eyes and a "scary" smile. Apples are a fantastic source of vitamins and fiber for overall health.

Alternative #2 Carrots

Create "witch fingers" by using baby carrots as the base and attaching a slivered almond as the fingernail with a little cream cheese or hummus. Carrots are packed with vitamin A, essential for bone health.

Alternative #3 Bananas

Peel bananas, cut them in half, and use mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth to make friendly banana ghosts. Bananas are rich in potassium, which supports healthy muscle function.

Remember, enjoying a few traditional Halloween treats in moderation is perfectly fine. But incorporating nutrient-rich alternatives can be a fun way to support your spine health while still getting into the Halloween spirit. Stay mindful of your nutritional choices, and your spine will thank you!

Have a "spine-tacular" Halloween, and if you have any questions about maintaining your musculoskeletal health, feel free to ask simply call our office at (615) 375-7100. Or you can book an appointment on our website by clicking the appointment tab above. Certainly, here are the references with links in a format suitable for a blog post:

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