Winter Ergonomics

Proper Ergonomics is important! Ergonomics is how we are moving in relation to our environment or workplace. When we are not using proper ergonomics our spine, and our body suffers. In fact, we need to be able to move fluidly in all that we do so that we can avoid injury.

In the winter months we experience a lot of changes in our environment. For example, when we are shoveling snow, we need to make sure that we are bending at the hips and not overextending our spines or twisting too fast. These fast movements can cause sprains or strains in the spine. In fact, there are reports that about 11,000 people visit the ER after shoveling in the United States every year. In fact, this same study from the Center for Injury Research and Policy also found that the most common injury was in the location of the lower back.

To avoid injury, remember to warm up before going outside to shovel. Be sure to take breaks while you are working. Check your surrounding and wear shoes that have good traction. While working outside we can slip and fall on ice, which also causes injury. Also, while shoveling be sure to push the snow as much as possible instead of lifting and twisting. Even better, you can purchase a specially designed shovel to prevent excessive bending.

While all these tips are helpful, remember that the best way to prevent injury is preventative care! If you need more tips for the winter season or for ergonomics you can always speak to your local chiropractor. Also, if you do suffer from a fall injury, or a sprain/strain remember Dr. Hebdon your Dickson, TN chiropractor can help you with your injury, and help you recover faster.

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