What to Expect at Your First Visit

What forms of payment do you accept? How much will my visit cost?

We currently accept all cards, checks, cash, insurance, and Health Savings Cards. If you have any questions about what insurances, we accept or would like an estimate or a GOOD FAITH ESTIMATE of your visits you can contact us at (615) 375-7100. This estimate will contain your estimated cost of treatment. Or you can simply stop by our office at 313 E. College St. Dickson TN before your appointment.

We always will take drop ins to chat to our office or to get paperwork filled out/ask questions. However, we are not always taking walk ins. Be sure to call us before showing up if you expect to receive any chiropractic services.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Be sure that you bring your insurance card, and a photo ID. We encourage you if it is your first time coming in to see a Chiropractor to bring along a spouse, or a family member.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

Before any person is accepted into our clinic, we require you to fill out some paperwork. This includes emergency contact info, medical release info, and understanding of our policies and procedures. This also includes some info about your current medical condition, and why you are being seen at our office. Lastly this includes some info that is required for insurance purposes. Therefore, when you come in unless you have already filled out our online intake form, be prepared to spend about 10 minutes filling out paperwork. If you would like to limit the time spent filling out paperwork in our office, you can do one of two things:

  1. Call our office at (615) 375- 7100 and have the intake forms sent to your Mobile phone or computer, this includes an insurance verification.
  2. Stop by our office and we will give you the forms to fill out. You can visit our office at 313 E. College St. Dickson TN.

After filling our paperwork be prepared for a 30–40-minute exam with Doctor Hebdon. She spends this time to get a complete picture of your health, and your current medical concern. After the exam is complete the doctor will determine if you are a fit candidate for Chiropractic. However, Sometimes the doctor may send you out for additional tests. This may include:

  1. A referral to your Primary Care Physician
  2. A referral to another specialist like a neurologist, orthopedist, podiatrist, or physical therapy
  3. A request for bloodwork
  4. X-ray images, or other imaging.

This does not occur often, but some patients need this extra care before we see them at our office for Chiropractic. Then Doctor Hebdon will continue with their care with you and your goals in mind.

At subsequent visits we will go over other things with you like your progress, and any other needs or concerns that you may have. Dr. Hebdon always gives treatment recommendations based on her expert opinion.

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