What is a Treatment Plan?

Often, I have patients come to the office seeking certain results from their visits. After an initial visit I review their case and diagnose them accordingly. It is only after a thorough exam, and sometimes imaging that I can make a treatment plan for my patients.

But what is a Treatment Plan?

To make it simple it is what will take place over the course of weeks to months to try and achieve my patients’ goals and my own goals for them. This means different things for each patient. It could mean I see you in the office a few times a week. It could also mean that we take a more conservative approach, and we see you much less. Sometimes it even means we send you to another doctor so that we can work with them and you to get you back on your feet as fast soon as possible. Whatever the decision, it is never made lightly.

However, a treatment plan also means something else. It means that you will probably be given specific things that I know will assist you in your recovery. This may be exercises, resting from work, or even taking some additional supplements.

Therefore, I would like to tell my patients who have still to make their first visit your treatment plan will be unique to you and will be comprehensive so that you can achieve all your goals. If you have additional questions about what a treatment plan is, you can always ask our office. Most importantly a Treatment Plan is never set in stone. It highly depends on the actions that are taken during treatment in and out of the office for the patient.

At Hebdon Chiropractic we use an evidence-based, patient centered approach. This means each patient has a different treatment based on the results from the exam. While I always RECOMMEND a treatment plan, we never have our patients prepay for them, and we take a visit to visit approach during the plan.

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