Thank You Humane Society

Thank you!

The following blog from Dr. Hebdon’s desk this week is different then her usual ones. She just wants to send out a special thank you to all her friends, family and our clinic in Dickson, Tennessee. This thanks goes out to all that participated in the last month of donations for the Dickson Humane Society. We so appreciate all the great donations and support that we can pass along to this great establishment. This business in Dickson works hard every day to keep animals safe, and to find them a good home.

If you were unable to give to this cause or missed it this last month do not fear! We plan on making this an annual donation event. Dr. Hebdon has a special place in her heart for The Dickson Humane Society. After all a few of her family members are rescues. One of them even came from the Dickson Humane Society!

Below is a picture taken of our donations and at the facility giving what our patients, team members and friends donated this last month. Let’s make our next donation event an even bigger one!

As always you can drop off donations or even foster a dog or cat at our local Humane Society. They ALWAYS need these donations, so you can give freely at any time. Some common items that they always need are; dog food, puppy food, cat food, wet cat or dog food, puppy pads, cleaning supplies like paper towels, cleaning sprays, dog and cat shampoo, cat litter, and any kind of toys or treats.

If you are unsure how or where to donate you can contact our team at (615) 375-7100 or you can even drop the items off at our office during your appointment at any point. We will always make sure that your donations get to where they are needed. Once again, thank you Dickson. We at Hebdon Chiropractic & Wellness are so blessed that you are a part of our clinic, and a part of the heart of Dickson.

-Dr. Hebdon

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