Sleeping Choices & Tips for Sleeping

Do you know the healthiest sleeping position? This question is asked so many times in the chiropractor office. What do you think? How do you sleep?

We have found that the best position is on your side.

This allows for a position that gives our spine the support for a natural curve!

What about mattress? Pillow? Do you know what is best for your spine? The following blog addresses some great tips for choosing the right mattress, mattress care, pillows usage, and other tips to getting to sleep.


emember that your mattress and pillows are there to support your body in its NATURAL position. We need to be sure that we have a mattress and a pillow that are conforming to the natural curve of the spine. This keeps us in alignment. If you are looking for a new mattress, be sure that it is firm enough that you can support your spine in this position on your side, while being soft enough that you are comfortable. Also be sure that you are paying attention to the manufacturer’s directions and flipping the mattress as often as intended. Sometimes this is every few months and this prevents uneven wear which can also cause issues with alignment. Also, a mattress is not intended to last forever! In fact, the average lifespan is about seven years of use and that is what is recommended. Be sure to stay on top of this and replace worn out mattresses when you can.


Remember to choose one the correct size that does not aggravate neck or shoulders. If you sleep on your side, the pillow should fill the space between our head and mattress so that the spine stays neutral.

Getting to sleep and staying asleep

It can be difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep, however choosing the right pillow, and mattress are not the only strategy to allow us to catch some Zzzzz’s. For example, being consistent and having a routine allows our body to have a regular rhythm. Also, we need to be sure that the room that you are sleeping in is free from electronic devices, is dark, relaxing, and comfortable. Avoiding caffeine, and alcohol before bedtime can also help. Lastly getting regular exercise can allow you to fall asleep better. If you need any more suggestions or information on sleeping ergonomics visit your local Chiropractor today in Dickson TN, Hebdon Chiropractic.

Information was taken from American Chiropractic Association

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