Healing and Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation serves a purpose? When injury occurs such as a cut, bruise, or sprain/strain, we see the body create chemicals. These chemicals that are released increase the sensitivity of nerves that signal more chemicals into the area. This can often increase pain, but these chemicals also increase blood supply and increase injury specific tasks. These tasks allow the body to clean up and repair the area that is injured. Anti-inflammatories do exactly what the name suggests, prevents inflammation.

When you come to a Chiropractor's office, we believe that the body can do its own job clearing toxins and repairing itself, for many injuries. Your chiropractor can tell you more about the inflammation process and guide you with your injury as while determine if you need further imaging, a referral to a specialist, or your primary care physician.

So, what does this mean for you?

The next time you have an injury instead of reaching for the anti-inflammatories remember:


When we take steroids, or anti-inflammatories more often than suggested or recommended they inhibit the body to do what it naturally does. This increases healing times. Prolonged steroid use even is associated with other diseases that can harm your body chronically. However, there is no danger in taking anti-inflammatories when you absolutely need them, and if taking them properly, as directed by your doctor. If you have more questions about anti-inflammatories, pain medications or steroids and their impact on your body you can reach out to your primary care physician. Prescribing medications, and managing medications is beyond the scope of practice for a Doctor of Chiropractic in most states. However, chiropractors are very familiar with inflammation processes, and healing with the body. If you are interested in learning about the healing cascade and stages of inflammation speak to your chiropractor today!

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